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Decrease Challenging
Dementia Behavior

Our specialized in-home Alzheimer’s and dementia care techniques keep your friend or family member calm, engaged, happy and functioning at their best at every stage of dementia.

Remaining Activities

Our caregivers provide encouragement, support and meaningful activities that stimulate your loved one’s remaining activities.

Scheduling to Fit
Your Friend or Family
Member’s Needs

A few hours a day or 24/7, we provide the daily personal care and companionship needed to be safe and healthy.

Dementia Trained IN-HOME Caregivers

If you have a family member with dementia, you know it affects every aspect of their life. Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, frontotemporal dementia and other forms of dementia can diminish a person’s ability to understand and communicate, alter their behavior and moods, and affect their physical health. DementiaWise trained caregivers take a behavioral approach to dementia care; focusing on the person and using research-based behavioral interventions to create better days through in-home Alzheimer’s care. We serve patients throughout Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, and the surrounding NC areas. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today.

DementiaWise is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association® for incorporating the evidenced-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations in the following topic areas: Alzheimer’s and dementia, person-centered care, assessment and care planning, activities of daily living, and behaviors and communication. 

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Get the Support You Need

Whether you have work, family obligations or your own health care challenges that make it difficult to care for someone living with dementia, in-home Alzheimer’s care from ComForCare can provide the education and emotional support you need to understand ability and behavior changes as well as practical techniques you can use to engage and connect with the person being cared for. While our caregivers develop a special bond with the people in their care, their number one goal is to help you enjoy every minute you can with that person.

Partner with our In-Home Alzheimer’s Care Experts

There’s simply no overstating the importance of in-home Alzheimer’s care. Fortunately, our certified team features patient and flexible professionals capable of developing a safe and engaging environment for your loved one. We’ll help to prevent falls, install locks on the necessary cabinets, and check for safe water temperatures. On top of that, we provide compassionate, personalized care, so we’re able to track the progression of your loved one’s disease, while tailoring a unique course of treatment to suit their needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our full suite of in-home Alzheimer’s care services we urge you to reach out to one of our certified representatives. ComForCare Home Care is proud to assist families throughout Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown NC and the surrounding communities.

Provide the Care She Deserves

ComForCare Home Care gives you the best opportunity to provide your loved one with special care they need to live with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia at home and be as independent as possible for as long as possible. Our caregivers focus on the person, not the illness, approaching each day as a new opportunity to discover ways to connect and provide the personal care they need to remain healthy and active. After all, it’s the quality of care, not the severity of the condition that determines her quality of life.

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"Caring, Efficient, and Always Reachable!"
"Excellent 24/7 on call supervisors who are caring, efficient, and always reachable. The aides are SPECTACULAR: kind, skilled, reliable. I have used many aide agencies in the 20 years my mother has needed aides - your agency is hands down the BEST!"
"Patricia has been great with my 93 year old mother!"
She's creative and just seems to know what my mother needs and wants. She's a great aid to me knowing doctors visits, prescription pick-up and grocery runs are all taken care of - big load off my mind and schedule.
"The owners and nurse are fantastic!"
"Always willing to take calls from my Mom and explain things in a way she and I can understand. Also walked us through the insurance process. That was not easy and their expertise was greatly appreciated."
"ComForCare has given me peace of mind!"
The fact that ComForCare was able to step in with certified dementia care specialists and begin caring for my father has been fantastic. The staff and caregivers are both sympathetic and empathetic and I feel it has helped my father during this difficult time. It has also given me peace of mind since I live a long distance from my father, and the communication from staff and caregivers is reassuring.

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Our in-home Alzheimer’s caregiver’s mission is to help people live their best life possible.